Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of The Tidewinds Group is to provide our clients with the best value in custom software and services. We provide the technology expertise growing businesses need in order to be successful.


At the Tidewinds Group, philosophy means much more than procedural vs. object oriented programming or proprietary vs. open-source software. (Of course, our expert programmers can debate the merits of such issues for as long as you'll listen.) It is our core values that demand the highest level of professionalism in providing the highest level of service to our clients.


The Golden Rule: Do unto others... you've heard it many times, but what does it mean? To us, it means that your project is our project. No taking shortcuts to meet a deadline, no skimping on testing and error checking. On a personal level, we believe everyone is to be treated with courtesy and compassion and expect the same in return.

Customer Satisfaction: A project isn't complete until you are happy with the final product.

Respect for All: We believe that everyone is to be treated with respect and will not tolerate bigotry or discrimination of any sort.

Honesty and Integrity: Our clients trust us to provide accurate and true assessments and solutions to their problems. We maintain that trust by acting in good faith for our clients and associates.

Risk-taking Toward Innovation: We love to take on new challenges and encourage associates to learn from mistakes, never fearing failure when a best effort has been made.

Open Communication: We demand open and candid communication among team members and with clients. When problems are found, regardless of the source, you can be sure we will alert you and provide a timely solution.

Frugality: When you put a project in our hands we are stewards of your business and will do our best to complete the work on time and within the allotted budget. Internally we avoid excess and frivolity, always striving to put capital to it's best use for the benefit of our stakeholders.

External Checks

We adhere to the values of the IEEE and ACM, two of the world's premier associations for engineering and computer professionals.